Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Beat me into submission
I have been beat
I am tired and too shifty to grasp you and pull you back to the surface
To swim myself towards the light
I'll let you drown --- looking for someone to pull me up this time
I am exhausted by my own constant domination
I want to be a submarine
I want to drift with the tide until someone makes me a wave
I want to be held down by my throat... pin me to the bed until I come to my senses during those classic irrational female moments I hate admitting I have
Tell me what to do and when to do it... just for one day
Be MY lifesaver - Be MY supervisor
MY controller, my go to guy, my "it's in your best interest", my conscience of what is right and wrong... and someone tell ME when it is time...

...because it is time... and I am too tired to see this- clearly... but I am sure it's clear as day...

It's time...

to go.. to sink.. to float.. to stop struggling to save someone else

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