Monday, August 3, 2009

i stumble in my head

this home lacks a certain southern hospitality... makes me long for further south locations and hotter nights and happy hearts i once knew so well

and i scrub the floors and my body raw... discontent and disconnected
everything is changing as everything changes and you're still the same
and i'm suddenly more lost than ever before

i spin myself stupid to watch my skirt rise and fall in the waves of air i create with my body
my pretty distraction has dissipated... perhaps the sun has turned it to dust, or my mouth has turned it to newer interests
all i have is myself and my skirt and my hands and my constant need to scrub until my bones are exposed and bloody
it doesn't feel like much

i can paint a smile on my face to hide from society... everything inside me
but i don't much feel the need these days... i don't much feel like anyone or anything
it's like i'm dead or dying... but it's really hard to tell
i can stand up straight and walk one foot after the other... but i stumble in my head

...and i'm ready to go

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