Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome to Hollywood

The water tastes bad... or is that just my mouth?
I am what feels like one million miles away from where I need to be... in every sense of the word... in every senseless way
And I have said it before and I will likely say it again...
So this is success? Someone please come save us from it?
I was so much happier getting by, unknown
I was perfectly fine appearing much less tall
This all grew from a seed of spite and I wonder why and how we got here?
It is rather apparent to me, always
But now that the moment is gone how do we get past this?
Now this means something different... but how do we shake that old dirt off?
And we are something they said we'd never be
And still we spit in the faces of success repeatedly
Fame or fury? Fame from fury?
This little fucking abusive short-fused outlet has taken on a whole new shape
Morphine flavored and more numbing than ever

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  1. ever the cat, looking pretty wanting none of the attention?