Wednesday, August 4, 2010

five years

Tonight I opened my eyes... and without blurred vision... I was able to see you for you... I was able to see the monster you have become. I always thought what I was seeing was my own reflection... in my tears... it was me looking back into my own eyes... but no... the tears fell dry this evening and I realized my vision was 20/20... and the monster's really you.

I have spent the past 5 years apologizing for all of your mistakes. I have spent the past five years thinking that perhaps I was just crazy for the sake of being crazy. To think all it would take was seeing it through someone else's eyes.. through my own eyes... I had become my own perfect stranger... completely in denial that I could be the victim............... once again.

This is not my fault.

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  1. the realization that our minds and hearts were clouded by the genetic need to love is an amazing experience. i hope it was an uplifting one.