Friday, July 24, 2009

spinal tap

inject me with your safety
i miss the comfort of things i haven't had in forever

i missed the comfort around uncomfortable arms
i missed faces and places and times gone past

i am missing the time that will come to me with each breath
i exhale and never breath in ... anymore... these days

these days come and go and i say at noon, "i will look at those in the morning"
what day is it...? what time will the sun finally sink and hide it's ugly face?

i want to be alone in darkness until you arrive to help me properly medicate
until you remove the sharp objects from my hands and smile with your whole heart
you never look down on me for these moments...
i always look down. i collect rocks and all things heavy. it's sometimes hard to walk.

why would you put up with this, ever?
why would you love something so hideous?
why are you still here?

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