Thursday, July 15, 2010

And I could possibly love you...... if I truly were insane.

Lend me your ear... lend me your hand...
Let me tell you how it is and walk you back through how it was...
And how we got here.
I toss and turn at night. I have art on the mind. I have new eyes.
New eyes to look at and look through and look forward to looking into.
Your memory is fading fast and to it I clutch... I pride myself on persistence.
But the inconsistency that makes this consistent leaves something to be desired.
I just though you should know...
I am moving on.
I have held hands with another idea of what my life should be, and is.
I locked arms with reality and let go... free falling from a "shot down" plane.
And it's as plain as day... that this was shot a long time ago.
Drifting with the wind... air under wings to keep this afloat just a little longer.
My friend's say, a little too long. (and I agree)

1 comment:

  1. great title, and again you convey inner strength in your words. i hope you succeed.