Sunday, July 4, 2010

Giving Tree

I go through these phases where I want to see the bones in my arm and I am unsatisfied otherwise. All the blood in the world is not enough blood and every single human interaction rapes my soul just a little bit... like a tiny little devil's kiss behind the ear... a whisper of mass destruction... every human sound makes me cringe and I can hardly eat let alone stand the sight of myself or the sight of you and you and... you. I can feel this and this is not natural and I am not this evil but my skin crawls with callous and I want to just give up.


  1. i think my post didn't go through but, we all have these moments. we all have our self doubts, insecurities, masochisms. we all feel alone and stare at the abyss within. i hope everything is okay.

  2. its no worries. if you need to talk you know how to find me?