Monday, July 26, 2010


This is useless
Please don't touch me
I am over it... again and again
I need distance
But the future feels so far away
And the further I get from there...
the closer I get to here and now
And I wonder, really? Do I care?
And now I feel more careless than ever
More numb with each stabbing pain
My misery seems to manifest in physical illness
And I am miserable so I am doubled over in agony?
And I don't see anything fair about this
I don't really see the point
Where the fuck did that double rainbow go today
Gone in a hot second of my being completely disregarded, once again
And I am exhausted by this
I am exhausted by your presence
It makes me want to disappear forever
It makes me want to finish what I had once begun

1 comment:

  1. some people are like poison, slowly sapping us of our strength; but by taking little doses at a time can we not build an immunity?