Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am drunk tonight... wasted even!
Arms stretch out... fingertips to you..
I am so confused. Half of me doesn't even care...
The other half cares to much...

And I wonder if you have moved on and I hope you have...
I do... Because I have... but have I? Without closure?
How far can I get?????

And I don't spend months of my life talking to someone for nothing.
I expect I'll have a friend... in the end...
But my expectations of you have always come with fog and uncertainty.
My expectations of you have always fallen short... as I fall.

Whoever is here to catch me... is never you.
Whoever is here to lift me up... if void of your voice.

And Irony strikes loud and CLEAR tonight...
Because the wall you've hated has fallen... and you are not here to benefit
You are not here to eat the fruit.

Instead I fall into a strangers gaze...
Much more familiar than yours ever was
Instead I find myself in "better" company
When it's you who has worked for this

But you choose not to be here.
You choose not to eat.
You choose not to ever speak to me again?

Alright. Irony. Okay.


  1. wow. i always hated that awkward feeling of suddenly needing closure at in opportune times...

  2. Wow. I signed in thinking I'd delete this because I was pre-black-out drunk typing it... hah. Yeeeah. Well hey I don't suck too bad when writing while wasted I guess... it can stay. Note: I am detoxing for 30 days. I need to not be drinking so much. <3

  3. please never delete your art. i don't drink but i do allot of writing when i am half asleep, being not in control helps us express our subconscious.