Monday, June 8, 2009

Desert Airplanes

I send my love to my love
an aching heart in the heart of the desert
and I never call when I say I'll call
but you still answers months later

Hiding away in desert mountains
The most deserving of such beauty
Can I hide with you? Like you hid with me...
9 years ago... boy, what time has done...
To our faces, to our souls.

And they say that distance...
makes the heart grow fonder?
I'm really not so sure...
It just makes our face grow heavy
It just makes me feel unsteady
Stumbling towards the nothingness

And I miss screaming the lyrics to:
Saves the Day - 70 mph - Utah high ways
And I miss watching storms roll by,
and being young - and bloodied up with you.

I miss seeing hope in lightning strikes...and quicksand.
I miss chasing lizards and praying with the praying mantis and feeding the noisy dog next door sleeping pills wrapped in cheap bologna so we can actually sleep in.
I miss watercolor painting skies, scraping all the skin off my stomach while trying to shimmy up onto the roof top to catch a better view of a rainbow, and pissing off the neighbors by skating in our concrete poured backyard at midnight. I miss the Mormon room mates and Time Crisis and Time Crisis 2 and cooking tacos and eating shitty Southern Utah "Chinese food."

And now I am coming back through... 9 years later?
And now you are finally backpacking Europe. Go figure.

I'll throw
.a paper airplane the cliff
...for you.

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