Tuesday, June 16, 2009


These nightmares won't stop replaying inside my head
over and over and over again...
Like a sad record skipping
You would have never thought that something so lovely could make you so angry, while singing and spinning and skip-skip-skipping a beat

And he said to "look happy" while snapping a picture
But it's my heart that can act ... and my face that cannot

These memories keep on haunting me
and I can run and run and run...
But I cannot outrun this... I cannot outrun you... or even run to you, because I keep falling down
And I am not sure what to make of all this... no-one has taught me how to clean up the blood
Of so badly scraped up knees with glass and rocks in deep from when I fall down

Scars to remind me. Please don't remind me...
I had to live through this. Don't make me re-live this...
over and over and over again
Like a sad record skipping... skip-skip-skip-skipping
Reminds me of moments, of hitting the ground

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