Monday, June 22, 2009

fix this

what is my fucking problem...
can someone please tell me... the secrets to make this all work

how did i become so broken by the ring of a phone?
one phone call - and i'm all out of wack

and i'm spinning so quickly
communication used to be my strongest suit

what do you do when the biggest part of your heart is 30 miles away, dying.. and you can't even go to her and you can't act like it's not killing you, but you do.

and words come so awkwardly
and feelings feel worse
and maybe i'm not ready for feeling
maybe it's easier to remain numb

so should i avoid the heat and warmth?
stay closer to things that will never care?
so that i never care? or never show that i care?

maybe the circular motion of the water content of my body will settle once it is turned back to ice. it's always so freezing. i'm always so cold now. and your heat creates steam... and it's fogging my view.

and i am trying to wipe the glass of my eyes clean... but i struggle
but you can't see it from over there
i just seem like an asshole

...but that's just because i am

1 comment:

  1. please dont hurt justyn. hes coming down there expecting love. we all know what happened when he went to san fransisco. take it from one little heart to another.