Sunday, June 7, 2009

white trash romance

I feel like a white trash romance novel... when was I thrown out?
The last few weeks are taking their toll on me.
The last 4 years have wrecked havoc on my body and you can
see it on my face.

I can't believe you fought with me about "doing drugs" the week my mother had a major stroke. The last few weeks have been terrible enough without having to deal with your bullshit. So yes dear, go get high... your silver spoon fed life really has you in a rough position.

And here I am battling to see my mother.
A step father so evil he calls screaming at midnight, "You're the one who is killing your mother!"
"No dad, actually I'm sleeping... and all I ever did for you was raise your fucking children."
And here I am battling for custody of my 16 year old brother... who threatens death and hanging if he's left with my father. Riding an hour back and forth to talk him down and hug him. Losing money. Losing sleep. Losing hope. Losing my only hero?

Go ahead dear, light that up... enjoy. You just got $100 worth of skate shoes and your mother bought you a $200 jacket - your life's real difficult, I know. You need it... so have at at.

And you say right up in my face "what is your problem? I just don't get it." And you say right up in my face, "what, I just don't get it."

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